Staff and Volunteers

William Graham

George Parsonage MBE

Full-Time Officer


Throughout our 230 year history the Society's Officers have always recruited and trained a network of Volunteers whose commitment and loyalty to the aims of the Society have made significant contribution to the enhanced safety of the River Clyde and its environs.

Principal ongoing duties are listed in the link but include :-

  • Fulfilling the Society's contractual obligations to Glasgow City Council
  • Providing additional safety cover at events on the River Clyde
  • Assisting with the development of the GPS system and lifebelt positioning
  • Carrying out specialist operations as requested on waterways and environs


William manages the Volunteer River Watchers and Life Guards, controls the daily operations required to fulfil our contractual obligations and organise rapid responses to emergency situations. He also maintains boats and equipment, lifebelts and the GPS location system to assist the Emergency Services. Training courses offered to river users and commercial businesses fronting the River are also administered by William.

Charity No: SC001178
Location: LIFEBOAT, Glasgow Humane Society, Glasgow Green, Glasgow, G40 1BA
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